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The final inspiration for REFRESH to come into form was from my sweet cousin, Mira Foshee. Mira’s motto was “Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns” and it resonated with my self-care mission.

Mira was also know for these quotes as well, “Be a connector and bridge the world,” and “Be brave and show someone you love them”…with a smile, a hug, a touch or simply saying I love you.

“Mira lived at a magical edge of life where you see the good things in all people and always made the best of any situation. She was socially, emotionally and academically well beyond her years. Instinctively always knowing the right things to do or say. Traits no one taught her.

Her body was 14, but her spirit was almost of a divine nature in how determined it was to spread love and kindness to all that it touched. She had a higher maturity, but was still filled with innocence. She always gave back, well beyond what was expected; her love was endless.

On January 2, 2019, Mira suffered a fatal accident while traveling in Costa Rica with her family. Life is unpredictable. A moment can change it all, so live it to your fullest in Mira fashion. Leave your phones behind, hug your family and close ones, smile at a stranger, and take some of her magic and sing and dance in the world.” (Excerpts from her tribute.)

Picture of a young girl with a large castle estate in the background
Mira was a world traveler and loved this castle!

It is my wish and my blessing to REFRESH as many people as possible with the inspiration and magic of Mira.

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Beauty & Wellness Professional